Monday, June 15, 2009

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor

Today's post is all about my favorite little woman, Taylor. She is quite the character. Full of personality and energy. There is never a dull moment with this little one around. Here are a few random pictures that I came across of Taylor.

She went upstairs to my bathroom to pick out some nail polish for me to paint her nails and she came back like this. She said she had a headache and needed one of my "big band aids" to make it feel better.

I think she has a little obsession with band aids. You can see five in this picture and there are at least that many on the other cheek.

Taylor climbed on the dog dish to get to something in the pantry and knocked over the bowl. And when I saw her cleaning it up I had to grab my camera and snap a shot.

She loves to dress herself and always comes up with some pretty creative outfits.

I think she is four going on 13. She is shaving her legs with the boys plastic razor.
How can anyone fall asleep like this!?!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

All Stars

Last night we found out that Trevon made the All Stars team for baseball! This is the first year he has played REAL baseball and we are so proud of him. Up until just three days ago I didn't even know there was an all star team. We have a meeting this afternoon to find out more about it. Trevon is also playing in a summer basketball league that starts next Saturday. So it looks like we are going to have a pretty busy summer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Devil?

Jackson woke up one morning and his hair was just like this. It cracked me up. How appropriate is it that my little mini Brian woke up with devil horns? I wonder what he was dreaming about?

I'm back

I have decided to rejoin the world of blogging. Instead of writing about everything in the past three months, I will just post a whole bunch of pictures. That should recap the last several months and maybe now I can be better about posting more often.

The Air Show

Last weekend we took the kids to the air show at Hill Air Force Base. It was my first time too and we all loved it. I had never seen those kinds of airplanes in person. They are so loud and fast it was pretty awesome.

They had all kinds of helicopters and airplanes that you could look at and walk through.

This is one of the pilots of the Thunderbirds. She is the only female.

Copper mine and Aquarium

My sister and her family were in town for Memorial day so we took all the kids to the Copper mine and then to the aqarium.

Just some pictures

Trevon fell asleep at dinner after Taylor's dance recital. I guess just sitting there watching dancers wore him out.

This is what happens when I let Taylor pick out her own clothes.

Little miss dress up wearing her Christmas dance recital costume at the glitter toes party
Taylor and Katie got matching purple glitter toes.

I just thought this looked funny as I drove down the rode so I had to take a picture. It is not everyday you see a motorcycle with a trailer behind it carrying a keg. Interesting huh?